Well after lots of hard work, luck and good timing, I landed an animation job at Blue Sky Studios in New York. It's a short gig but I know I'll have the chance to learn a lot. So much in fact, I'm scared my head will explode.

9/5/2008 03:45:11 pm

Good Luck to you, I'm excited to know the project that you will be working on. Secrets I know. But expect to see some playblast fly your way. Seriously man couldn't even wait till I got back, I see how it is. Good Luck again, maybe Pixar will be next :)

9/6/2008 10:28:56 am

"Ready at dawn", "Blue Sky"... what's next, "Bright sunset" and "Pale moon studio" :) ?
Hve fun there man, we already miss you.


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